This is the case when we put together a team of specialists based on your position and/or project requirements,  and then we administer this team offshore on your behalf.


You retain significant level of control over the course of your projects in terms of process, technology, approach and methods including direct control over specific individuals, their roles and even daily task assignments if needed, while we relieve you of logistical  burden of running offshore operation.

We take care of all the office logistics, communication networks, all HR management: salaries, benefits, vacations,  all offshore payments, currency conversions  and all offshore legal aspects of your operation.

Such team can be easily integrated in your development process, can work close to your timetable and according to your holiday schedules. It can be trained to work according to your methods and even work using your own development environments and code repositories by accessing it remotely via secure vpn channels.

Our expectation in this case is that this team will work directly with your local business analysts and/or project managers. They will report their time and task completions directly to your though some degree of offshore supervision would be provided if needed. If you don’t have the roles of business analysts and/or project manager in the house we can work with you to provide such roles locally at prevailing local rates.

The advantage of such engagement approach is the total control over the development process, control over resources to tasks allocations, lack of necessity in a rigid change control process, significant control over costs as our pricing model in such mode is a simple: it’s our costs plus a modest profit.

With this approach  our interests and those of our clients become increasingly aligned. Our experience to date shows that we all strive to make your team work efficiently and to your liking as this translates in long term mutually beneficial relationship.

We offer the best service experience guaranteed by our many years of experience in IT industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us right now, whether to place an order or with any questions you may have - we will be happy to assist you