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***** is one of open international forums for the development of a global standard for the interface of IP-based physical security products.

***** was looking for a vendor that would develop a standardized framework that would allow their members to simplify, unify and automate the process of claiming conformity of members’ proprietary software and hardware  to this new proposed communication standard that is currently being developed.
Selecting Humasys as their supplier as a result of open public tender. Humasys competed with several well known and established vendors worldwide, including those previously interacting with ***** on similar projects. Our proposal was deemed superior.

During the one year duration of two projects we developed  ***** Test Tool- a Windows application that automates testing of compliance of 3rd parties apps and gadgets to a security industry new and potentially unified IP –based protocol and delivered a framework of technical specifications for each sub-standard that simplify implementation of these protocols to all other vendors.
In addition we  implemented ***** *** Files Media Player which is a special media player to play video files compliant to the extension of ISO Video Surveillance Application standard (ISO 23000-10) as well as participated in development of a few other software components for this forum.
We currently provide an ongoing and expanded support for these product lines for ***** and on behalf of ***** to other vendors.

* Client's name can not be currently disclosed as per contract.                                                                                             


CenterWatch one of the pioneers in publishing of active clinical trials information that could be accessed by patients and their advocates Today, it is one of the largest clinical trial databases actively seeking patients from all over the world.

CenterWatch was looking to innovate a complex online portal that would become a meeting point for doctors, patients and regulators. The solution had to be industrial grade, robust, scalable, highly available and highly integrated across several different domains.

Contracting Humasys as their supplier. Humasys completed complete reengineering of our client's existing website including complex modernization of some backend components along with complete net new and major development of the rest of the system components. We delivered several innovations to our client during this project such as multi-level verification and publication system of clinical trials data in multi-language environment or such as a unique architecture approach that combines flexibility of dynamic content  pages with simplicity and speed of static ones. We satisfied our client’s requirements for high throughput and productivity by delivering multi-server cluster solution for public side of the portal while still combining it with our client’s proprietary complex algorithms for statistics collection and portal user behavioral analysis. We integrated the backend with numerous other systems including payment gateways, online libraries and large pharmaceutical companies.
In addition we also worked on presentation, sales version of the same portal. By “web-disabling” most of its functions we developed a demo version that would allow to demonstrate all portal functionality and capacity on a notebook offline.  



Helios was  a London (UK) based futures and options market maker on LIFFE exchange. They developed their own proprietary options and futures trading system and at some point got acquired by Bearn Stearns that took all the development effort to an established partner in Asia.

Helios was looking to integrate their proprietary trading system with a large number of various exchanges wordwide. While these exchanges provided electronic APIs to the trading floors the challenge was in a significant differences between various exchanges and between Helios’s approach.
Contracting Humasys as their supplier. We have analyzed electronic APIs and other connectivity options (FIX gateways, for instance) and implemented connectivity between our client’s Tibco RendesVous middle layer and numerous exchanges wordwide, including CBOT, LIFFE, Eurex, CBOE, DeutscheBoerse etc. Contracting us allowed our client to maintain continuous focus on their proprietary pricing and trading algorithms and other core components of their platform while obtaining access to all these exchanges in the very short time. While API implementation was our primary focus we also helped them with overall system component designs, system and workflow documentation, component testing and at later stages of our relationship with development of some parts of their core system, such as complex strategies simulation server for instance.  



Pyramid Digital Solutions
Pyramid Digital Solutions was the leading provider of Web-based servicing and back-office automation software for the retirement plan industry until acquisition by IngeniSoft that allowed even greater integration with SunGuard backend systems. Founded in 1994, Pyramid is an established technology innovator and a three-time member of the Inc 500.

Due to long history in the industry the code base has become fragmented, loosely integrated and hard to support. Optimization was long overdue but for a number of intercompany politics had to be done by outside vendor.
Contracting Humasys as their supplier. For Pyramid we initially got involved in development of ad-hoc web-components for their ramified system, independent testing, including regression testing etc. These smaller projects allowed us to gradually develop trust and earn the reputation of a reliable and quality partner. This trust eventually lead us to becoming their vendor of choice for a major refactoring of their entire code base in order to optimize it. Special tools were developed along the way to support this great initiative. After we completed optimization of millions of code lines their system showed tripled performance and even greater speed on some benchmarks while system support became consistent and more predictable. We believe this optimization ultimately lead to their acquisition.



Ceridian is enabling thousands of companies across the globe to design their workforce for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Their cloud-based HCM technology transforms payroll, benefits, workforce management, human resources and talent management into human capital management that delivers results.


Finding a reliable partner that would be able to shoulder ongoing maintenance and support of the legacy platform that still hosted big chunk of customers but was build with once robust but now vanishing technology platform.
Contracting Humasys as their supplier. We were able to find and secure qualified resources proficient in the required Clipper and Cobol technologies. Now for almost 10 years we support their entire Clipper based legacy platform for employees payroll and benefits administration, COBRA benefits administration, including analysis and articulation of the code changes needed due to changing legislative and industry environments, and/or 3rd parties integration requirements. In addition to this, we have been involved in developing applications requested ad-hoc and ongoing migration of the legacy functionality into new platforms, including cloud-based.