The very livelihood of the great software is the brains and experience of people behind its development. In order to success as a software company one must succeed at finding, recruiting and retaining high quality personnel.


Since the company's inception we interviewed tens of thousands specialists and we continue doing so every day. Over the years we have collected a huge database of local experts and gained significant expertise in their identification, testing and validation of their technical and interpersonal skills.
While we mostly do it to fulfill our own openings we believe you too can benefit from our recruiting service so we offer this service to you.
In this engagement mode we can find individuals according to your position requirements, test and validate their skills before setting up interviews with your hiring managers. We can perform their background and police checks as well as drug testing if needed. We can negotiate their salary on your behalf, hire these individuals, provide necessary visa supports if needed and send them your way.


Being an actual active software development company we have immediate access to our own practicing experts that can easily validate applicants skills so we can guarantee the quality of their skills 100%
Our going fee for this recruiting service depending on the service level  is 2-3 months of applicant’s expected salary. In the very unlikely event of your dissatisfaction with the applicant we will provide their replacement for free for up to 12 months period.

We offer the best service experience guaranteed by our many years of experience in IT industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us right now, whether to place an order or with any questions you may have - we will be happy to assist you.