Pyramid Digital Solutions

Pyramid Digital Solutions was the leading provider of Web-based servicing and back-office automation software for the retirement plan industry until acquisition by IngeniSoft that allowed even greater integration with SunGuard backend systems. Founded in 1994, Pyramid is an established technology innovator and a three-time member of the Inc 500.

Challenge: Due to long history in the industry the code base has become fragmented, loosely integrated and hard to support. Optimization was long overdue but for a number of intercompany politics had to be done by outside vendor.


Contracting Humasys as their supplier. For Pyramid we initially got involved in development of ad-hoc web-components for their ramified system, independent testing, including regression testing etc. These smaller projects allowed us to gradually develop trust and earn the reputation of a reliable and quality partner. This trust eventually lead us to becoming their vendor of choice for a major refactoring of their entire code base in order to optimize it. Special tools were developed along the way to support this great initiative. After we completed optimization of millions of code lines their system showed tripled performance and even greater speed on some benchmarks while system support became consistent and more predictable. We believe this optimization ultimately lead to their acquisition.