Helios was a London (UK) based futures and options market maker on LIFFE exchange. They developed their own proprietary options and futures trading system and at some point got acquired by Bearn Stearns that took all the development effort to an established partner in Asia.

Challenge: Helios was looking to integrate their proprietary trading system with a large number of various exchanges wordwide. While these exchanges provided electronic APIs to the trading floors the challenge was in a significant differences between various exchanges and between Helios’s approach.


Contracting Humasys as their supplier. We have analyzed electronic APIs and other connectivity options (FIX gateways, for instance) and implemented connectivity between our client’s Tibco RendesVous middle layer and numerous exchanges wordwide, including CBOT, LIFFE, Eurex, CBOE, DeutscheBoerse etc. Contracting us allowed our client to maintain continuous focus on their proprietary pricing and trading algorithms and other core components of their platform while obtaining access to all these exchanges in the very short time. While API implementation was our primary focus we also helped them with overall system component designs, system and workflow documentation, component testing and at later stages of our relationship with development of some parts of their core system, such as complex strategies simulation server for instance.