CenterWatch one of the pioneers in publishing of active clinical trials information that could be accessed by patients and their advocates Today, it is one of the largest clinical trial databases actively seeking patients from all over the world.

Challenge: CenterWatch was looking to innovate a complex online portal that would become a meeting point for doctors, patients and regulators. The solution had to be industrial grade, robust, scalable, highly available and highly integrated across several different domains.

Solution: Contracting Humasys as their supplier. Humasys completed complete reengineering of our client's existing website including complex modernization of some backend components along with complete net new and major development of the rest of the system components.

We delivered several innovations to our client during this project such as multi-level verification and publication system of clinical trials data in multi-language environment or such as a unique architecture approach that combines flexibility of dynamic content pages with simplicity and speed of static ones. We satisfied our client’s requirements for high throughput and productivity by delivering multi-server cluster solution for public side of the portal while still combining it with our client’s proprietary complex algorithms for statistics collection and portal user behavioral analysis. We integrated the backend with numerous other systems including payment gateways, online libraries and large pharmaceutical companies.

In addition we also worked on presentation, sales version of the same portal. By “web-disabling” most of its functions we developed a demo version that would allow to demonstrate all portal functionality and capacity on a notebook offline.