Humasys is proud to be advancing Russia's tradition of excellence in computer engineering through our own Development Centers in St.Petersburg, Russia and Minsk, Belarus. Working together with our own offshore teams is our proven strategy that results in top-quality work at a substantially reduced cost.


The reason behind our consistent excellence in programming is Russia's intense educational system for mathematics and computer science. Universities first train programmers as mathematicians and logicians. Rather than simply learning how to write rote commands, our programmers learn how to solve complex problems.


All experts in our Development Team have high level mathematical educations (Master's and PhDs). Many of them have been working on complicated projects in the military, nuclear and space programs, have previous experience with banking and financial exchanges backends, satellite communications systems, nuclear power stations control systems, large gas pipeline control and monitoring systems, and similar large scale projects. Most critical advantage, which this provides, is our strong background and experience with multiple disciplines that cut across different technologies.  On top of that they are also excellent programmers years of professional programming experience who are able to apply their analytical skills to your projects.


We offer access to these superior quality resources with experience in numerous technologies and platforms through a variety of engagement models/solutions.

We can help you with your current and custom R&D (research & development) needs at the fraction of your current costs. Working with us you will experience all benefits of outsourcing because we provide a higher level of engineers, at a much lower cost while still maintaining the highest standards of service and reliability.