IT outsourcing is no longer just about saving money. It's more about doing things quicker, more efficiently, getting to market faster than your competitors,

having maximum flexibility with your workforce and gaining access

to high quality employees.

Outsourcing allows you to cut production costs without the need to compromise on either speed or quality.

 Outsourcing allows you to really concentrate on your core expertise.

 Outsourcing provides you with immediate access to critical skills and technology

All these benefits become even more attractive because of the following HUMASYS advantages:

HUMASYS specialists have hundreds of years of combined experience implementing industrial strength (often military and/or 6 sigma) solutions across a breadth of technologies. Added to this is the managerial team's strong understanding of business organizational, strategic and software quality related issues derived from their educational backgrounds and extensive work experience in software development industry. Their focus is on developing a firm that is business driven rather than technology driven.


IT services market segment is extremely crowded and competitive. To win an engagement IT solution provider needs to rise above the rest with its highly flexible and responsive delivery team, offer great skills in the commoditized technology landscape, and manage its pricing model within the bounds of a razor-thin profit margin. 

Working on a vast variety of projects has given us a cutting edge practical understanding of technological trends, technology benefits and pitfalls. Unlike other vendors who mostly concentrate on their product line often bound to a particular framework we worked on a variety of projects within breadth of technologies. Long time survival in open-minded and highly competitive world class environment for offshore services is what made us excel.


HUMASYS is one of a few companies in the region that are well positioned to provide wide expertise in offshore projects development and access to a larger offshore labour pool and skill set through our own offshore development centers in Eastern Europe. This allows the firm to provide complete solutions that integrate business strategies with emerging technology at very competitive prices that are in many cases 50% lower than those offered by other consultants.


HUMASYS is Canadian Federal Corporation with principal offices in Mississauga, Ontario. As a Canadian corporation we are ready to enter into any necessary contractual agreements with our clients. Being a Canadian corporation makes all contracts, NDA and other agreements with us fully enforceable by North-American law.

We feel HUMASYS is unique as unlike offshore firms, we are Canadian company that allows you to engage in contracts that are enforceable in North-America, that understands how service businesses work, but takes advantage of the excellence and value of offshore programming to provide a compelling value proposition with the security and customer service of a Canadian company.


Our standard policy is that all conceived and developed IP becomes and remains the sole property of our clients.

Proudly being client-oriented service business we fully understand that repetition of our business success is highly correlated with our reputation. Therefore we do all we can to ensure our client's IP rights and business security. This includes, but not limited to the following documented procedures:

HUMASYS maintains strict NDA, Non-Compete and Non-Circumvention agreements with

ALL our employees, including those in other countries.

    HUMASYS has strong security policies in place, including advanced firewall and network architecture, controlled access to network, storage and printing media and round the clock on-site security.

    HUMASYS guarantees restricted access to client's supplied data and usually offers

encrypted VPN Tunnels between our and Client's Offices.

In addition to our standard security policies and on client's demand HUMASYS can provide our select full-time employees with restricted access to offices with computers with no removable media, no access to Internet and emails, no printers or faxes to guarantee utmost security.

HUMASYS always strives to provide high quality service to our Clients and pay special attention to quality management issues.


Our onshore/offshore business model succeeds through highly efficient methodologies and processes adherent to ISO, CMM and SAS management, development and auditing frameworks, which ensure efficiency, reliability and consistently high-quality service levels.

Adherence to our Total Quality Management System is essential for our continued business success and ensures we remain a viable and competitive organization.


A well defined, disciplined approach to software development is essential to create business solutions on time, in scope, and within budget. The issue however is that there is a number of competing approaches that prove advantageous depending on projects’ nature.


HUMASYS unique advantage is the flexibility with regards to our process - our main approach is that we integrate dedicated teams we supply into our clients process environment.  These project teams are often separated from others in terms of process, environment and even working hours and location, which ensures smooth cooperation and seamless augmentation of our client team that continues to operate in a familiar process environment.


HUMASYS can help you with your current and custom development needs at the fraction of your current costs. Working with us you will experience all benefits of outsourcing because we provide a higher level of programmers, at a much lower cost while still maintaining the highest standards of service and reliability.