Full executive power in Humasys is vested in our board of directors, which currently consist of the following only shareholders of the company whose unique blend of life-long friendship, talent and diverse technological and business experience enable seamless communications and integrated business development across various divisions of the entire enterprise. 

Dr. Alex Menakhovsky                            

Managing Partner, Co-Founder

Dr. Menakhovsky resides in St.Petersburg, Russia where he is ultimately responsible for every aspect of the daily operations of our own development center where he provides strategic leadership to the team, directly supervises outsourced projects of many demanding clients and ensures efficiency of our ongoing talent acquisition process.

Dr. Menakhovsky has 20+ years of extensive experience in design, development and testing of IT projects that vary from corporate web-portals to bank analytical engines and at some point included trading platforms for market makers at CBOT and EUREX exchanges. Prior to HUMASYS, he was Chief Quality Officer at Jensen Technologies LLC, and then worked at Otido New York Corporation, where he supervised major projects, developed and implemented Quality Management systems in accordance with CMM level 3 and ISO 9001 standards. Extensive practical knowledge of internationally recognized quality standards in combination with vast project management and client relations experience allow Dr. Menakhovsky effectively manage the company, maintain and continuously improve high quality of its products and services.

Alex holds Doctoral Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from University of St.Petersburg, Russia.





Mr. Smykovsky currently resides in Toronto, Canada where he is directly responsible for day-to-day account management of our entire client base in North America. While he is focusing on the strategic development of the company he often provides advanced business and architecture analytics and system design services to our sophisticated clients. He is often involved in on-site IT and business consulting for such clients.

After graduating from Leningrad University (USSR) with master's degree in Applied Mathematics and Systems Programming in 1993, Smykovsky has started his own internet company, which designed, constructed and maintained websites for third party firms. Smykovsky added an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to his web business in 1998. In December 1999 Smykovsky applied his experience and knowledge to expand the business into a offshore software development center in St. Petersburg that specialized in providing custom software solutions to the derivatives trading industry. Although he has been focusing on the technology business for the most of his life, Mr. Smykovsky had also started several other successful businesses, including a chain of subway sandwich stores, which he later sold. After receiving his MBA degree in 2000, in search of new life endeavors he moved to Toronto where he had successfully obtained and managed a variety of outsourced software projects leveraging his existing parnerships in Russia which ultimately led to the founding of HUMASYS Inc.

Mr. Vladimir Smykovsky
Managing Partner, Co-Founder

Igor Sikorsky
Managing Partner

Igor currently resides in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. As the director of our satellite development center in Minsk, Igor is involved in every aspect of the research, development, testing and delivery of the company's services originating from that location.

Mr. Sikorsky joined Humasys in 2006 when Minsk Technology, a Belorussian software development outsourcing company he co-founded, was acquired by Humasys. This acquisition brought us all a variety of new, complex and demanding projects. Igor demonstrated serious leadership during the merger and quickly rose through the organization to become one of the principal sources of technological expertise and leadership for the company. He deservedly serves as  our group’s VP of software engineering and managing partner of our remote subsidiary office.

Igor was born in Belarus and holds a MSc. in Automatic Control Theory from the State University of Minsk, Capital of  Belarus.

Ms. Svetlana Stein
Managing Partner

Ms. Stein currently resides in Toronto, Canada from where she ensures that most rigorous quality controls across the entire HUMASYS group are properly maintained and that the entire team worldwide adheres to the company's quality procedures currently in place.

Since she moved to Toronto, Canada in 1992 Svetlana has had a career in software quality assurance with several large companies such as Canadian Depository for Securities, Ontario Securities Commissions and Bell. Her ongoing stride to superiority has led to her founding of independent QA company. In this endeavor she had been involved in outsourced testing and software quality assurance providing a few companies with her expertise in making IT solutions really work with intended efficiency. This practice has further enhanced her industry proficiency and brought it to the truly international level.

Svetlana originally has joined HUMASYS when her QA business was acquired by HUMASYS in 2004 . Since joining our efforts Svetlana’s role had been VP of Quality Assurance. She provides existing and new clients with ongoing care and support and to make sure that company's clients are continuously satisfied. Her unparalleled business aptitude, very caring and gentle yet demanding attitude  has slowly but surely made her an integral part of Humasys partnership and ultimately led to her becoming a partner.

Svetlana is a graduate of Metallurgical State University of Kiev, Ukraine with a degree in Automated Systems Engineering.