Just because your project is complete does not mean you don't need professional technical support for your existing applications beyond the major development phase.


Hidden bugs may be discovered long after deployment or the application needs to be modified to comply with changed legislation. Modernization or integration with a new package may be required to maintain the competitiveness of your applications.

 Many of the older applications were written in languages that are no longer around and you can face the situation when finding the right people becomes very hard. Fortunately for you, we have many in-house experts proficient in COBOL, Pascal, Fortran, Clipper (xHarbour), FoxPro Forth, Macro-11, x86 MASM and C languages. This staff is available to you on dedicated basis to review your existing applications and provide you with:

   Support and Technical Updates

    Fixing of existing bugs

    Modifications and Modernizations

    Cross-Platform Integration

    Complete Systems Redesign

    Legacy Systems API Integration

    Language, OS and Database Conversion

    Development of Automated Conversion Tools


Maintenance Services are available to you regardless where you had your application developed originally.