Humasys enables our customers across the globe to design and implement their HCM systems for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Helping technology to transform payroll, health benefits, pensions benefits, workforce management, human resources and talent management into human capital management

that delivers results.


We help our customers in the Human Capital Management industry address ever changing market conditions and regulatory requirements. From traditional payrol and benefits providers, to innovative startups offering increasingly consumer-driven Pension and Health self-management services, our professionals are ready to step in and deliver end-to-end experience that includes strategy, architecture, build and managed services. We specialize in:

    Human Capital Solutions Product Design and Development

    Transactional Platforms in Health and Pension Benefits Management

    Analytics and Big Data in all aspects of HCM

    Integrated HCM Solutions with Healthcare systems including Consumer Engagement and Incentives throughout  Patient         Care and Medical Exchanges

    Medical Trials management systems;