Humasys helps our clients address the constant challenge of coping with new regulations and compliance requirements, reducing costs through operational efficiency and automation, transformation of business processes to meet our customers specific needs.



We service large international client base of:


Investment Banks


Retail and Commercial Banks


Wealth Management Institutions


Exchanges and Brokerages, including Market Makers


Market Data Providers


Technology Providers


Insurance Providers




We provide vast experience in the following areas:


API Connectivity to Electronic Exchanges (particularly Values API versions for CBOT,EUREX and XETRA; OM API; a/c/e API; LIFFE CONNECT API)


Custom adaptors and gateways utilizing financial industry standard protocols such as FIX, FIXML, OFX, DDMS


Custom TIBCO Rendezvous Implementations


Custom applications for Retirement and Investment Management (401K in US and RRSP in Canada) such as Portfolio Management, Compliance, Risk Management etc.


Integrations with ADP Dataphile and SUNGUARD Systems


Web-Enabling and Integrations with in-house Portfolio Management and Accounting Systems