For the last 20 years HUMASYS has been providing dedicated, premium quality teams to imagine, design, engineer, deliver, migrate, enhance and maintain

high-end, industrial strength software to a growing list of our adept

customers that includes some Fortune 500 companies.

HUMASYS is a high-end, premium class, Canadian custom software engineering and IT consulting firm with industry-specific expertise in: Financial Services, Software and Hi-Tech, Legacy Systems Maintenance and Reengineering, Retail and Distribution, Physical Security and Human Capital Management.

Technology-wise, in addition to de-facto industry standard .Net Framework, which we master using VB.Net and C#, we are also very well versed in a vast array of other modern and legacy technologies, platforms and environments. The full list is available on our website.

The nature of our projects varies. To give you an idea of the level of complexity and sophistication we can deliver here are examples of a few projects we worked on: Codebase maintenance and code conversion project for one of major Benefits Management companies, Development of windows and embedded software for major PACS industry player, R&D in the area of Driver Assistance software for a european automaker, custom options and futures trading platform for a London based market-maker.

With the strong understanding of business combined with the fundamental and years of practical knowledge of the software development life cycle, quite a number of platforms, network technologies, programming software kits, outsourcing and developing methodologies along with the proven offshore contacts our group is in a solid position to become your reliable nearshore/offshore IT partner capable of designing and implementing a comprehensive, competitive, sophisticated solution of any level of complexity to meet your needs and take your business forward.


HUMASYS offers a compelling value proposition through our own offshore development centers in St.Petersburg, Russia and Minsk, Republic of Belarus, which allow us to offer dedicated offshore technological staff at rates that are usually at least 50% lower than those available locally. Also, having dedicated engineering base in Eastern Europe enables our clients to tap into a large labor pool of unique skill sets in several declining legacy platforms and technologies often not easily available at home.​

No business is too  small or too large but historically we learned that we are especially good within engagements with at least 1 year duration. We have 3 accounts with 8-10 years relationship history. The size of our team fluctuates as it is project dependent.



While we do have our core team of 30+ professionals supported by some ongoing, long lasting relationships with our key customers we still engage in ad-hoc, project based relationships during which times sizeable influxes of temporary contract employees are not uncommon. If you have never gone to outside vendor for your software development needs, we urge you to consider it.


If you already have, we guarantee you that working with HUMASYS would be a great chance for you to diversify and extend your key vendor relationships. 


Do not hesitate to contact us for a very personal assessment of your project needs, our professional evaluation of the challenges you may be facing, caring advice and a FREE quote with no obligations on your side.Click here to download brochure with information about our company.