How long your company has been in business?
HUMASYS was incorporated in Canada in Feb 2004. Until then it was a partnership operating under the same name. WHOIS record for HUMASYS.CA gives 01/17/2002 as the registration date. However - the core group of partners and developers has been working together since 1998


Can you provide an annual report for your most recently completed fiscal year?

As a privately held corporation, HUMASYS does not release financial statements. HUMASYS has continued significant growth over the last couple of years. In 2006, HUMASYS has grown its revenues by more than 35 percent. At the same time, we have managed an even more impressive growth in net income, up nearly 100 percent compared to the last year. The company is generating positive net income and cash flow, and we anticipate the increased profitability trend to continue. Should HUMASYS be the vendor of your choice we would then may be in a position to share this information with you.


How long your company has been in business?
HUMASYS was incorporated in Canada in Feb 2004. Until then it was a partnership operating under the same name. WHOIS record for HUMASYS.CA gives 01/17/2002 as the registration date. However - the core group of partners and developers has been working together since 1998


Do you provide fixed bid pricing for your projects?
We do have vast experience with fixed bid pricing. In fact, some of our most valuable relationships started out with a fixed bid. However - these very relationships have grown into T&M model over time.
That's because the fixed bid pricing is never a good solution for anyone. -It actually takes extra time and effort to come up with a precise estimate. -It often turns out to be more expensive for the customer because we add extra premium on top of our estimate to cover for risk management. -It requires continuous involvement of management on both sides to work around scope change issues that always exist in all projects. -Fixed bid is inappropriate for Research & Development or routine code maintenance projects with unpredictable outcomes; -Fixed bid often becomes a competition between the client's and supplier's management teams: each trying to argue their outlook at the change and/or overrun issues is the truest one. As we believe in win-win relationships we don't want to compete with our clients.
Because of all that we no longer work on fixed bid basis.


Since I believe this is a fairly well defined task, I think a project-based bid would be appropriate, with the expectation that after the initial implementation, there would be a time-based support contract for further improvements. Please let me know if you believe you have staff with the required skills, and what the next steps might be.
Our standard rate is $25US per hour somewhat negotiable based on project's size and term and other ad-hoc factors. Unfortunately we do not work of fixed bid basis (please see f.a.q. above).
We do have developers with required skill sets. The best way to start would seem to be for us to have a look at the materials/requirements that you have to date (database schemas and PowerPoint slides for sure, existing code desirable). We are ready to enter into a NDA and/or NC (non-compete) as required. We would then analyze your code, estimate effort and get back to you with our proposal.


I am currently researching viable options for offshore Internet Development. Please let me know what information I would need to provide you with to receive a proposal?
We suggest that you have a look at our development process described here. This process defines several project roles. One of these roles, specifically a BA/PM role must be assigned locally, i.e. on your side. This resource should be able to articulate business (and sometimes technical) requirements to us and should be able to resolve various business related questions, such as required vs proposed timeframes, budgets, goals and task priorities. Once the business requirements are formalized you can send it to us for our evaluation and we'll take it from there.


What are the typical project milestones that Humasys governs an outsourced project.
Monthly resources allocations.
All offshore roles (as described in our engagement model here) will require a minimum of one fulltime dedicated resource. Considering ongoing nature of many project as well as inevitable switching costs when allocating developers between projects the minimum billable block of time that we will be able to accommodate to any project is 1 man-month.


Do you have any software developed that could be applied to a broad market?
No, we don't have any proprietary code. All developed code belongs to our clients. Most of our work is custom software development when all the source code and all IP in general remains sole property of our clients.


Does Humasys have a policy with regards to project-specific expenses such as software licenses, specific hardware etc.
We provide all hardware, major software licensing and all office infrastructures. If your project requires some specific rare software package or unique hardware equipment we could either procure it on your behalf or will ask you to supply it.


Can you provide an on-site Project Manager / Business Analyst to meet with the Business Unit to gather information in order to write Software Requirements? Please quote hourly rates for this resource. Additionally, please propose how expenses will be handled for the onsite project manager / BA.
According to our development process Humasys will require some onsite resource that will be the primary liaison with the offshore team. We usually assign an offshore project manager/BA to work directly with this onsite resource. These two resources handle most of the project planning, project reporting, QA activities and overall project communications. Humasys's preference is to have clients provide their own resource for this role. Alternatively, Humasys can provide its own BA/PM resource that will initially travel from Canada. HUMASYS hourly rate for this type of work is $100 US. Travel, lodging, per diem and other similar expenses must be paid for by client at cost. However - if this position is more or less full time we are willing to negotiate the rate and/or waive expense requirements.



Project needs to be started ASAP. How quick my development team can be arranged?
We usually require not more than a month of lead time for most of our projects. Our experience shows that the time required to finalize the requirements to appropriate level of detail and resolve various business issues is usually greater than time required to assemble dedicated development team.


Please could you quote me for an e-commerce website? You will need to build the site around my design that I will send to you in html. The site needs to allow customers to click on an item, enter their delivery details and then pay by credit card. I will need to be able to add products myself. This is urgent so I would appreciate a speedy reply.
We strongly suggest considering one of the existing shrink-wrapped e-commerce solutions, such as VPASP, OS Commerce, Zend Shopping Cart etc. because they provide most common e-commerce functionality for a very reasonable price.
We can also build an e-commerce site ourselves. We have done many before and I am sure we would have most of the necessary code components already developed and readily available. We've also done much integration with various payment gateways too, such as PayPal, Verisign, etc.
Based on our experience, successful, custom made and unique e-commerce systems require at least half a year development timeframe and development budget starting from $20,000. We would be happy to assist you with such a project starting immediately.